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Vita / Short Biography

Studies of educational science in Karlsruhe. · Since 1970 teaching at professional schools in Munich · 1972-1975 apprenticeship in the field of handicraft and restoration of wood in Munich and Berchtesgaden · graduation of skilled crafts examination · autodidactic sculptural work at the same time as working as a teacher · participation in various symposia of the International Summer Academy of Salzburg · studies under the tutelage of Francesco Somaini, Oreste Dequel and Karl Prantl amongst others · 1980 1st Prize of the city of Salzburg for sculpture · since then freelance sculptor working with stone in Munich and Marktschellenberg · participation in competitions · 1992 Hearing at the Technical University of Munich 'Successor of Prof. Fritz König at the Faculty of Architecture of the Munich University of Technology': ›First candidate for the assignment of the professorship for visual arts‹ · artistic break from circa 2002 until 2009

Since 2004 based in Berlin. Workshop at the Deutsches Architektur Zentrum (German Centre for Architecture)/ Spreehalle
Since 2016 studio in Naumannpark