TRACES_on window wings2011 -12

Hommage to Hans Marek

Assulo Slate, 16 plates,
each plate 37/31/0.4 cm. Object 126/150/2.7 cm
digital print

›TRACES_on window wings‹ is a homage to the painter Hans Marek, one befriended artist who passed away in 2006.
Inspired by the studio window of H.M., light turns to dark like a negative of a photograph. An ensemble of sixteen slate plates with a rough surface derives from the proportions of the glass panes, which are slightly tilted in all cardinal directions following a rhythmic concept. The window crosses are marked as free space by the contours of the broken edges of the slate plates: an atelier window in decomposition.
Hewn into slate are streams of fine trimming tool structures, which diagonally run across the 'window wings'. In aggrandisement, printed traces of the trimming tool coat the whole relief.
In proximity and at a distance, viewing is a two and three dimensional experience.