Main-Red Sandstone
225/102/19 cm
Sphere Ø 26.5 cm

A large crustal slab of red sandstone, find from the Main Valley
nearby Dietenhan in Baden-Württemberg with the geological formation:
upper plate stone of the Lower Triassic. Formation approx. 60 million years ago.

Can be associated with a cartographic relief, modelled by sedimentation.
A lively rhythmic stone relief in soft organic red, ochre and grey-green tones, determined by the oxides of the bonding agents of the sandstone, which is the result of millions of years of natural forces. The colourful sandstone crust is reminiscent of artificially produced colour streaks of stucco marble in the Baroque period. Separated from its core material, the detached crust, trimmed on three sides, leans slightly out of its 'mirror' at the sides, against the continuous sandstone-red panel.

The panel becomes the passe-partout of its peeled stone skin in relief.
The art-historical reference to the panel painting in the title becomes a three-dimensional PANEL-PICTURE or PICTURE-PANEL.