Fontanabuona Slate,
1 large block into 5 blocks >
split / sawn / leaned
each block 60/40/20 cm,
split identical leaned blocks,
50/147/40 cm

Sequenz I / II

The divided sculpture deals with the relationship between separation and cohesion. In the beginning there was a massive block. In an elaborate system of cutting and splitting, five identical blocks are created. Through the positioning at the appropriate angle the mass of stone is balanced out, profiting from the adhesion of the rough surfaces. ›SEQUENZ I‹.

The remaining pieces, identical in total mass and volume, varying in their three-dimensionality, are piled up on the base according to the principle of the rising and falling staircase. ›SEQUENZ II‹.

The two sequences correspond to the same artistic intervention through the procedure of compositing: proportioning and positioning. The artistically created physical and mental link of this seemingly autonomous sculpture takes place in the imagination of the viewer, who retraces the constructed choreography.

Ingrid Ostheeren, Weilheim 1994
Excerpt from the catalogue: ›Dagmar Weissinger/ SCHIEFER‹ 1994