NARCISSUS_in motion2011-12

Postaer Elbsandstein / sandstone from the Elbe River
69/20/20 cm
laminated acrylic glass, stainless steel cable
total dimension 215/120/160 cm

Due to a programming error in the sawing programme, a discarded baluster blank becomes the starting point for ›NARCISSUS_in motion‹.

Out of its centre, the deformation is artistically heightened.
A leaden, shimmering, processed acrylic glass plate glides from the wall across the floor. The object, which rotates minimally in the distance and above it, suspended from the ceiling by a steel cable, rotates, facetted around its own axis, mirrored in many facets. Depending on the viewing position, one's own distorted mirror image interacts with the with the reflection of the object.

The actual artefact is the curved mirrored surface with its mirror images.