Fontanabuona Slate
Fabric, Sulphur
123/40.8/4.3 cm

A found milled pattern, a pre-fade panel, is alienated from its everyday usability without any further processing. Supplemented by a clamped piece of fabric, it becomes a frame in a profane picture panel. The fabric - an old discarded base for working stone - bears the traces of artistic activity. Opposites - industry and art-making - are brought to a new intellectual synthesis. The relics of the work of others. The relics of one's own work. The amorphous. The solid. Nature. Industry. Black. Yellow. The disparate. The combination. Like pitch and brimstone. Frame and picture are equivalent. The panel is a picture is a picture is a panel.

Ingrid Ostheeren, Weilheim 1994
Excerpt from the catalogue: ›Dagmar Weissinger/ SCHIEFER‹ 1994