Foto © Bernd Hiepe

HELIX_reflected2009 -12

Postaer Elbsandstein / sandstone from the Elbe River
12 pieces/blanks
each 69/20/20 cm,
glass top bottom 160/160/1.6 cm,
glass top 113/113/1.6 cm,
3 support glass plates: each 40/40/6 cm,
printed on one side in black> screen printing.
Total size 288/160/160 cm

Milled baluster blanks, sorted work pieces from Elbe sandstone, were the inspiration for ›HELIX_reflected‹. In the middle of a square base plate stand, diagonally swivelled, three work pieces with a square ground plan. A precisely fitting square glass support plate also covers the hollow space underneath and in turn supports three workpieces, twisted by 45°. Thus the stele is layered in four tiers.
The cantilevered top plate floats parallel to the base plate. All the glass plates are laminated on one side with black screen printing.
›HELIX_reflected‹ is spatially delimited by the base and top plate. Mirrored downwards and upwards, the stele, counteracted, experiences a dissolution of boundaries. The downward view of the base plate leads into an imaginary, endlessly deep, dark shaft of a sunken stone relict, 'a glimpse into the past'. If the view is directed upwards under the head plate, the stele increases by seemingly endless continuation upwards, – 'a view into the future' ¹. ›HELIX_reflected‹, – 'a designed balancing act in frozen movement' ².

¹ Dr. Peter Kamber, historian/writer, Berlin / 2012
² Jochen Sandig, Radialsystem V, Berlin / 2012