Diptych ROSTRUM1989

East Tyrolean Serpentinite
Prow 113/151/128 cm
Core piece 98/129/80 cm

A two-part work made of serpentinite, one of the hardest rocks in Europe.

The Latin title originally means ship's bow, it then mutates to pulpit, lectern – in this function the stone has been used repeatedly.

About the formation:
The stone angle is cut out of the found tetrahedron shape in a highly complicated cutting process. This bow has a wall thickness of only about ten centimetres; it is placed on its narrower edges. The left side of the bow, seen from the front, shows the traces of glacial abrasion as a skin, the right side of the bow has a fracture-rough separation layer due to an opened calcite vein, the upper angle edges are polished for haptic reasons.

The core is turned ninety degrees to its fracture-rough side. The diptych bow | core remains choreographed in relation.

A speaker knows the core is safely at his back.