Diptych DEKALOGOS2004

Porto Slate
each panel 120/60/3 cm
steel profile base,
each 3/30/3 cm

Dekalog (Decalogue)

The Tablets of Law from the Old Testament. Carved in stone. In this case cut and broken into the brittle material slate. The rigid law is reduced to the essence, the basics of the content, the repetition of the elements, which are always the same. It works as a litany though the mechanical alternating of the call for obedience - 'YOU SHALL' - and the call for abstinence - 'YOU SHALL NOT'.

By artistically intervening into the material's given order the hermeticism of the law is transformed into permeability. The dialectic of set and abolishment in favour of a free and new order evokes the association of serial music through the graphical/ rhythmical sequence of the signs. The graphemes detain themselves into a different legality, they seem like the partition of a composition. ...

Ingrid Ostheeren, Weilheim 1994
Excerpt from the catalogue: ›Dagmar Weissinger/ SCHIEFER‹ 1994

The composer Gerhard Müller-Hornbach was commissioned by the parish council of the evangelic congregation from Kassel-Bad Wilhelmshöhe to realize a composition with the goal 'to oppose a musical work to Dagmar Weissingers' artwork ›DEKALOGOS‹ in the Christuskirche' ... The work ›ZEHNWORT‹ premiered in 2010 in collaboration with the Mutare Ensemble in the Christuskirche.